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Donate today to something that benefits you and the rest of the world.

Do you find the idea of spreading art throughout the world via the web exciting? Do you believe that strong communities are important to all of us? Maybe you’re looking for a way to be more socially aware via art. Maybe you want to encourage creativity in the workforce. You can also help improve the economy today through Contemporary art. If you’re looking to support the arts in any of these ways you can donate to art support right now. Supporting the arts, the Culture Hog mission, community, your own well-being, and creativity can be made possible by you!

Your Art Support Helps Communities

If you currently donate to Culture Hog and art support, you probably have read one of the many articles about strong community-building. It turns out that many Americans agree with you that the arts can benefit communities. This is regardless of things like skin color and age. Art is a great way to bridge gaps between cultures and various communities within them. Support the arts and support communities to encourage creativity, learning, and better ways of living. Donating to Culture Hog means inspirational stories of the community. We’ll continue to spread stories of art and community-building throughout the whole world.

Donate to Art

Faith Ringgold. The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles, 1995. Lithograph. 22″ x 30″.

Donate and Improve Individual Well-Being

What goes around comes around! Donate to Culture Hog today and you’ll reap all the same benefits. Supporting the arts means supporting something that lifts millions up every day. You and millions of other will feel the pleasure and inspiration that art fuels in all of us. Donate to the Culture Hog and art support magazine to support the arts and to spread uplifting and inspirational craft to people all over. Enrich the lives of others and yourself now!

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Where the Funds Go

  • Web hosting
  • A few coffees for Culture Hog writers

There are many costs to run the Culture Hog magazine project. Web hosting costs money and Culture Hog lives on the web. It is by far the most important cost of running this project. It usually amounts to $100-150 per year. Also, we hire a few writers to pitch in. $50 would be sufficient. The more you donate to art support, the more we can show our appreciation to them. In total $200 a year would support our goals. Support the arts now to help buffer these costs.

Positive change starts with you. Culture Hog works hard every day to create bridges across the globe. Culture Hog uses the arts as a platform for bringing communities closer together and less divided. Supporting Contemporary art and Culture, you can fuel the powerful social betterment across the globe as well. You can support the arts, community, well-being, and creativity just my making a donation today.

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Topher is the founder and editor of Culture Hog Magazine. He studies art history and works at the Oakland Museum of California. Topher values strong community and worldwide healing and progress via the arts.


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