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Help Culture Hog start a video blog with artist panels.

We’re creating a regular video podcast featuring artists and guest panels to talk about current issues and Contemporary art. Donate today to help create discussion about the art of our world and the modern issues it represents. Our fundraiser won’t last long and we are desperate for help. We’d much appreciate it if you backed the project today!

Meet our Panel

Thank you in advance for creating a forum for artists and speakers to get together and share our ideas.

Culture Hog Magazine is going live with video and it needs you to donate to get started. With patrons like you who donate, Culture Hog will be able to purchase a video camera to start a video podcast. It will be published just about everywhere on the web like Youtube, Vimeo, and right here on Culture Hog. It will be featuring artist interviews and panel talks about contemporary art and issues.

As a thank you for backing this project and supporting the arts, choose a reward when you donate!


About Culture Hog

We give many thanks to our backers and our readers!

Culture Hog is an online arts and culture magazine with a focus on contemporary visual culture. There you can find topics, articles, images, and artists that pertain to contemporary times. The magazine addresses issues like art and gentrification, racial issues, the dangers of advertisements, and much more. When you donate we will bring this format to the visual realm and start filming a quarterly video podcast. Donate before the fundraiser ends and help the magazine spread the wonderful language of art across all platforms.
Video Podcast Camera

We Have to Make the Artists Look Good

Meet the Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens

To publish a video blog we first need a camera to shoot it with. And we have to make everyone look their best! We’re looking at a Canon to help provide the best visual quality for our guest speakers. It’s also the best option for shooting videos and storing them. You can learn more about the camera on Amazon. It costs $374.

Podcast Microphone

What Did you Say?

This is the TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone for Canon

Standard camera microphones produce really poor sound quality. So to hear our wonderful guest artists and panels we’re going to need this nifty interview microphone. You can learn more about the microphone on Amazon. It costs $26.91.

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