Wall murals can be literal giants and Dede is an expert at making this kind of graffiti art.

Giants need Band Aids once in a while too. Band Aids make most people think of the commercials that feature that cute little kid who scraped his knee, giant graffiti wall murals. These wall murals are actually giant slabs of concrete or old abandon factory walls and the Band Aids are actually cleverly designed street art and graffiti wall art. As in Modern Art, these marks of the spray paint can are just simplified shapes and forms. Dede even uses a simple black and white palette for his street art. This combined with his use of culturally significant icons enables him to create a message. Dede uses abstract elements and culture to create a recognizable piece of art concerning dilapidated neighborhoods.

A Creator of Wall Murals

Dede is an experienced and very popular creator of wall murals. Dede is a street artist from Israel and has made a great deal of graffiti art in Tel Aviv. Dede’s street art can be seen in cities around the world such as London, New York, and Berlin. Dede has a career in art galleries too. He is a very well versed graffiti wall art expert and maker.

Graffiti Art

Dede. dedebandaid.com.

The Graffiti Art

This Colossal piece of graffiti art towers over people as they view it. The outline of an enormous black square lives inside a larger more rectangular version of itself in this example of wall murals by Dede. The latter shape in this street art is so hulking that it carries over to the ground below it connecting the floor with the wall. The square then becomes to be clear in this graffiti wall art. The shapes are filled with white. And these are speckled with several smaller black “dots” that mirror the tiles on the bottom. To be less elite, it’s a giant Band Aid!

Wall Murals


Wall Murals, Icons, and Abstraction

Why does this battered and broken-down building need a cultural bandage? Because everyone who has seen that commercial with the boy’s scraped knee will understand the icon of this graffiti art. The Band Aid in wall murals is culturally recognizable. Even people of non-Western cultures who haven’t seen the television ad might recognize this cultural symbol in this street art. The graffiti wall art may be more than just building maintenance and more of a cultural icon.

Street Art


Actually, people are not just looking at graffiti art by Dede; they are looking at paint slathered on an urban environment. These are literally just pixel-perfect black and white shapes arrange on the wall of a building and floor before it in the form of street art. But the combination of these forms in Dede’s wall murals conjures the idea of a bandage and the Band Aid brand. Pixels may be more abstract, but most people just interpret this graffiti wall art and one big Band Aid.

Graffiti Wall Art


Street Art with Purpose

Dede is showing viewers that these vast urban jungles and the buildings within them need a few patches. Dede might agree that the human spirit might break and need something to stick it back together. With war, poverty, and displaced people, neighborhoods become islands of separation. The theme of these works is individual and community abandonment. This separation between peoples is like water between cities and communities all over the world. This giant abstract cultural icon makes one think of these disparate communities.


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  • “Dede.” Dede, dedebandaid.com/about

Written by

Topher is the founder and editor of Culture Hog Magazine. He studies art history and works at the Oakland Museum of California. Topher values strong community and worldwide healing and progress via the arts.




  • Danann says:

    Just watched Planet Earth II and then read this article and it made me think how animals and humans are very similar in a lot of ways. Animals mark trees, buildings, structures, etc. Humans mark trees, buildings, structures, etc. Some do it to establish dominance over an area (gangs), others do it to communicate (artists). Just an observation.

  • Drew says:

    Can’t wait to see Basquiat in London !!

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