Hold on.

Keep Swimming is a piece of artwork with painted women that when I first viewed it, I was not too sure what I was observing at first glance. Later, as I took in the main focal points of the artwork, including the movement and limbs of the women in paintings, I was very intrigued.

I stumbled upon this piece by Amber Vittoria as I am currently in the process of moving into my first home. As such, I was browsing a variety of online store websites as I was searching for beautiful pieces of art to display upon my walls within my home. When I came upon this piece, I was astounded. Not just by the simplicity of the artwork, but by the vibrant colors as well. This piece portrays two women in paintings possibly in a pool or in an ocean swimming and enjoying the blue of the water. However, if you look even closer, there is a story behind these painted women.

How Women in Paintings Dress

At first glance, these women in paintings are not the most attractive painted women you’ve seen; nor are they the typical body shape one would expect to see in bathing suits enjoying themselves. What also struck me was the fact that these women in paintings are wearing different styles of bathing suits and they are each moving in their own way. One of the women’s hands and arms are moving to the left while the other one is moving to the right.

Painted Women and Women in Paintings

Amber Vittoria. Keep Swimming.

Painted Women and their Independence

This struck a chord with me and made me realize how different us as painted women are to one another. We each see something different among ourselves, yet inherently we are all the same. We each want to be loved; we each want to be portrayed as beautiful; we each want to live our lives the way we want to live them.

That is what I see in this piece of artwork. I see not only independence, but also beauty and comfort within your own skin. Even though your skin may be a different shade than someone else. I see comfort and beauty within your own hairstyle. These women in paintings have a simple blue curl that lies atop the water. Yet it didn’t deter them from entering into the water and moving in a way they chose.

This piece was especially inspirational to me, as I love the attitude of these painted women, the ability to enjoy something simple as swimming and not thinking too much about yourself or what anyone else thinks of you. The title of this artwork, “Keep Swimming,” ties in perfectly with the artists’ rendition of perseverance and not giving up.


By these women in paintings continuing to keep swimming, it not only is incredibly moving, but it is beautiful to see the comfort of oneself, along with acceptance of who you are and what you bring to the world around you.

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Jasmine Eppes is a Freelance Writer who enjoys writing, both creatively and technically when the opportunity arises. She enjoys writing about culture, women, sports, healthcare, and travel, just to name a few things.



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  • Danann says:

    Lovely. There is no “right” way to draw, just like there’s no “right” size or shape. We are who we are and we look how we look. Only when we try see ourselves through others’ eyes does the original image distort.

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