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Grey’s psychedelic art like his psychedelic posters and his psychedelic paintings are not only popular, but raise viewers’ levels of consciousness.

Alex Grey is as close a rock star as you can get in the psychedelic art realm… The Columbus, Ohio native might be best known for his work on the album artwork for metal behemoths Tool, however, Grey has had a long and storied career outside of the music world. One of the most visionary psychedelic artists has created a world where anatomically correct beings are immersed in psychedelic and spiritual dimensions of awakening and rebirth. Grey continues to use his talents to engage the viewer and bring them into his psychedelic art. This includes his work on the trans denominational church, The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, in Wappinger Falls, New York with the stated mission of “Building an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim’s creative path and embody the values of love and evolutionary wisdom.” The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a physical space and art gallery where one can drown themselves in all things, Alex Grey.

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Master of Psychedelic Artists

Mr. Grey spent his early career studying at both the Columbus College of Art and Design as well as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. What really sets Grey apart from other psychedelic artists is his time spent dissecting cadavers at Harvard Medical School honing his anatomy skills, not creating psychedelic posters nor psychedelic paintings. Grey’s images of people delve into that anatomy showing the person for who they really are, a collection of veins, muscles, and bone. This portrayal helps us understand how similar we all are from an organic standpoint. While Grey portrays human anatomy, his psychedelic posters and paintings also offer the full palette of colors, as well as new age symbolism that points to a form of psychedelic realism, what some psychedelic art critics have called “a kind of clinical approach to cosmic consciousness”. Many of the beings in his psychedelic art are transformative or in the process of spiritual awakening: in the throes of birth, death, prayer, or meditation. Religious symbols abound in Grey’s psychedelic art that intertwine with the body’s systems, almost comprising a system unto themselves. The chakras, icons, and webs are no less important than the nervous, lymphatic, and cardiovascular systems in psychedelic posters and psychedelic paintings. Grey’s technique provides the viewer the opportunity to witness those symbols first hand as the physical systems seemingly become one within a background of webs, lines, and sharp contrasts. The detail in his paintings is altogether spiritual, medical, scientific and transcendental at the same time.

Psychedelic Art

Alex Grey.

More Psychedelic Art

Grey has had multiple collections of his psychedelic posters, psychedelic paintings, and other works published in book form including Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey which has sold over 150 thousand copies. He has also set down his philosophy on painting over his career in the 1998 book The Mission of Art which promotes the process of artistic creation as” essential in the enlightenment of the artist.” Grey’s work is truly inspiring and should be sought out by anyone looking to rise above the physical plain.



  • Danann says:

    As a kid I had a t-shirt with the Nirvana In Utero angel. I just realized that Grey was the album illustrator. 🙂

  • Josh Clay says:

    Effin love dudes work.

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