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Easily Sell your Art Online for Free Today

This is how you sell your art online for free right here in The Culture Hog Shop. Learn how to sell your art locally right here.

If you’re an artist creating fine art or modern wares this is where you want to sell your art online for FREE. If you’re a Bay Area artist, especially an Oakland-based artist, this is how to sell your art locally. The recently launched Culture Hog Shop is looking for creators to sell modern art object, prints, books, toys, home goods and much more. If this is you then your search is over; sell your art online for free right here.

Who should sell in The Culture Hog Shop?

  • Fine artists working in 2 or 3 dimensions
  • Photographers
  • Modern toy-makers
  • Home goods designers
  • Oakland and Bay Area residents

Why sell your art online for free?

  • It’s FREE!!!
  • You’ll take home 90% of every sale!!!
  • You’ll be reimbursed for shipping every time!!!
  • You’ll get more exposure as a great artist!!!

Sell your Art Online for Free

How to Sell your Art Online for Free Today

First, get ready! Selling your artwork can be a lot of work. Making artworks, finding buyers, selling your wares, and fulfilling orders can be a hassle. But, if you’re up to the challenge, The Culture Hog Shop will lighten your load.

Here are some great selling tips.

You can sell your art online for free right now! Getting started is easy. Simply email topher@culturehog.com for access to the product submission form. There you can post an endless amount of products for sale. Just enter the description, price, stock, and shipping details and upload a photo. You choose your prices. And, you’ll always take 90% including 100% reimbursement for shipping. So get paid today!

When your product sells, you’ll receive the shipping reimbursement. After you ship the product, you’ll receive your 90% cut of the profits. (You’ll need a valid PayPal email address)

You’ll work closely with someone to make the process easy. Don’t worry about marketing or payments. This is how to sell your art locally and how to sell your art online for free with style. Email topher@culturehog.com to get started with The Culture Hog shop today.

Start Selling!

  • Email topher@culturehog.com to register
  • Fill out the product submission form
  • Choose your price
  • Ship the order (Don’t worry you’ll be reimbursed)
  • Get Paid!

Don’t miss out. Contact topher@culturehog.com now!



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