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The Contemporary sculpture artist, John Abery, and his Surrealist sculpture art modifies size and the monumental to question the viewer’s space in the world.

John Abery became a sculptor because he would always see things in three dimensions in his head and wanted to express all parts of his vision. This naturally led to becoming a Contemporary sculpture artist. The artists that inspire John are Surrealists such as Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, and James Gleeson.

Surrealist Sculpture Art

John Abery. “Let Go Man Sculpture.” 46cm x 93cm x 150cm cm.

A Modern and Contemporary Sculpture Artist

John Abery, the Contemporary sculpture artist, was born and grew up in Yallourn, Victoria, Australia. After working as a carpenter and then in various construction supervisor roles he retired at age 40. This also coincided with the death of his then wife from cancer. It was at this age he took up art and Modern sculpture. In 1994 John enrolled in and completed a Diploma of Art and Design, a course at the Central Gippsland TAFE. After that, in 2000 he enrolled in and completed a Bachelor of Art and Design course at Monash University. Since then John has done paintings and drawing but settled on his main passion of Surrealist sculpture art of which he is now solely focused.

Modern Sculpture and Surrealist Sculpture Art

John has had his Modern sculpture featured in a range of both group and solo Modern sculpture exhibitions. His recent Surrealist sculpture art includes strange creatures and humanoid musical instrument sculptures. And most recently a childhood-memory-inspired giant, oversized toy Surrealist sculpture, a giant wooden teddy bear standing at 1.8 meters high a huge bowl. He made more Surrealist sculpture art such as marbles with the bowl being 1.8 meters wide and many others.

Modern Sculpture Art

John Abery. “Wood you Like to Meet my Old Teddy?” 600cm x 105cm x 180cm.

“Wood” You Like To Meet My Old Teddy Sculpture by John Abery.

His recent childhood-memory-inspired Modern art sculpture series entitled “Do You Remember?” was exhibited at the Cowwarr Art Space and received wide acclaim by attendees.

John also is participating in an open studio program where he opens his studio to the public and invites people to view many of his Modern sculpture and where he makes them. It is also an opportunity for people to meet the Contemporary sculpture artist and discuss the artwork or any other topic. You can visit the great Contemporary sculpture artist, John Abery, at his art open studio on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

See more Contemporary and Modern art here.

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